Wednesday, March 12, 2008

in which I use a tag to write whatever I want

Well, I forgot to yell, "No tag-backs", so I'm it again. But I'm not going to totally play by the rules. See this post for the last tag I did. This one is the same only I have to use three of the books I am currently reading. That's not difficult since there usually is an entire stack. I'm reading Wuthering Heights, in which on page 123 Mr. Lockwood is demanding of Nelly (the nurse) that she tell him more of Heathcliff, thereby officially setting the stage for the entire book - which is convenient for this little game. But the actual sentences are short and completely confusing out of context. My InStyle magazine for March has a Revlon commercial on page 123, what with its having commercials in probably one entire third of its hugeness. I get that magazing in the mail now, but I used to love to buy it at the store because it's the size of a catalogue and it smells good, and the clerks always commented on it. Not like the People magazines which make me feel I am playing out every bathrobe-and-bon-bons sort of stereotype about stay-at-home moms who watch Oprah at 3 and can't resist the celebrity gossip in the checkout aisle. But anyway. I'm also reading The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, and it's only about 100 pages.

So that's a glimpse into my reading. For a further glimpse into my day, I am sitting at my desk unable to work because the system is down, and my feet rest on a toasty space heater because even on these almost-spring days, it stays winter in my office area for a very long time. Jake is asleep, having surrendered to naptime in the toddler bed without incident two days running, Drew can't find anything to do that's not too loud for naptime, and John just asked me if we "have ever been to Kansas City before". But you can't do anything with a fellow like that once he's got a thing in his head. And that is the fifth sentence on page 123 of Doctor Zhivago, which is sitting by my desk, ties in uncannily well, and brings me full circle.

No more 123's now. It's freaking me out.


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOO!!! You play so well, I like this, but your right, after to many tags, it gets sort of like homework. THANKS for playing along.

Felicity said...

This was so clever...well done.

lunalogo said...

Excellent! Of course, love the Kansas City reference--I live here, in KC, if you didn't know, and love it. Everything's up to date and all....;)