Friday, March 28, 2008

It's playing pretend . . FOR A LIVING

Let's talk about Hollywood.  It's time I lighten the mood around here.  You know what I love about Hollywood?  Well, many, many things actually.  But one thing we should all admire despite any beef we might have with the divorce rate (I don't know - is it really that much worse, or just more visible?) or the glamorizing of evil at times (GUILTY - I adore the Ocean's movies), is the gratitude.  I don't think I've ever heard an actor say, "It's so exhausting working those long hours three months out of the year when I make a movie."  I have heard them complain about the red carpet, which gets under my skin the teensiest bit, because it's not like they didn't know being the center of attention sort of came with the job.  But, the actual job, they don't ever complain.  Which I'm thankful for because it's so few people in this world who get to make a living from their art.  I appreciate that they understand this, that they even go so far as to mention it now and then, and that they are grateful for it.   

I'm afraid I complain about my job a little bit.  Sometimes a lot bit.  But, despite some geographical obstacles and some educational ones, I actually did choose it.  And I chose it for certain reasons that are still true today.  So, although it would be so much easier to be grateful if I were making enough money to own three homes, I still think I have an obligation to society to be grateful.   Well, to either be grateful or to make a change.   

So I'm working on it.  And in the meantime, I'm pursuing the arts in any little way that I can (I hope to put pictures up at some point - or a link to them - of a play I recently helped write.  That was a very proud moment) and I'm trying to be grateful for the job that pays the grocery bill and I'm extremely thankful for each and every actor who seems to be thinking of me when they say, "I'm very lucky . . . to get to do what I love, for a living."

And here is my own grateful thought for the day:  I'm here to see it when Jake decides to wear the Mr. Potato Head glasses.   


Anonymous said...
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serenity said...

Is this deleted comment scaring people away? I don't know why it has to say that instead of just going away altogether. It was just spam - an advertisement of some sort. That's why I added the new step - with letters to copy - for leaving a comment. Don't let that scare you away either.

Felicity said...

And don't be like me and click on the user name to see WHO would spam Serenity! It tries to take over your browser.

Anyway, lovely thoughts! And what is it about glasses? I've always wished I would need them eventually - major cool factor!

Roger & Andrea said...

I defy anyone on the red carpet to look as stylish, original, and just down right cute as that!

Tracy said...

I absolutely LOVE the glasses! And I love the little minds that think, "This could work!"

I don't know why it's so hard to consistently be grateful. In fact, I have the best work situation now I could ever want, and I still find myself on Sunday nights thinking, "Ugh. Work tomorrow." I don't consider myself that hard to please, but Sunday nights make me wonder.

Thanks for the very timely reminder about being grateful!!!

Anonymous said...

If Hollywood ever decides to make a Mr. Potato Head movie, Jake will be the star! Getting paid for being creative sounds like fun, but I would very much dislike being constantly watched and scrutinized. They might not like me so much after all!