Monday, March 31, 2008

fifth floor (40.194N and -92.583W)

Where I come from, Easter marks the day before barefoot season.  I should probably change the rule this year what with the arctic timing of the holiday, but my boys have never heard of the rule at all - so I guess we'll just take it a day at a time.  

Drew started a new hobby.  Tattooing.  I think Michael actually started the game.  And you know why?  Because when you're relaxing after a long day of real world stressors, nothing feels better than your small child's hands running matchbox cars up and down your blue jeans and your back or letting them spritz your hair with the water bottle and brush it into place just as you do for them in the mornings, or feeling their small fingers tracing flowers and dragons and You Rock's with washable markers up and down your arms.  It's almost as good as a massage - if only they wouldn't ever tire of it.  This picture is only the beginning of my session the other night because no matter what he wanted to draw, I let him.  As long as he could find another space of skin.  I had all of my children's names on this arm by the end.  I was like Angelina Jolie.  Only without the geography lesson.  Or the class.  That's right, I called her tattoos classy.  They are the longitude and latitude of the countries of her children's births, and I think it's beautiful.  I'd copy the idea if I didn't hate the thought of the pain and if they weren't all born on the exact same floor of the exact same hospital in the exact same city on the planet.  It would just look like the tattoo artist couldn't get it quite right and kept trying.  So uncool.  

I think I'll stick with our way.  It doesn't hurt.  It comes off with just a little water.  And it won't take away from my evening-wear. 


Lori said...

You are so incredibly beautiful and strong. Yes, strong! Don't argue with me young lady! That picture is so you. I would have loved to see your finished "sleeve". (That's what they call it in tattoo jargon!)

Kathy N. said...

I'm impressed that Lori knows tatoo jargon.

Lucinda said...

For our 7th anniversary Matt designed me a tattoo. It's a gorgeous one on the outside of my right thigh of 3 lotus flowers.

The top one is closed and white representing purity, the middle one is open and blue representing wisdom, and the lowest one on my leg is red - fully bloomed with a few petals falling off representing beauty.

I got it when I finally made the decision to do something healthy and loose all my weight from taking steroids and to know for me that I have control over my body not the other way around. It took 4 hours and was 'very' painful but it was so worth it. I love my tattoo.

Anyway, I think it would be totally cool if your boys designed a tattoo for you. Matt loves Lizzy's drawings right now and has considered having her smiley face tattooed on his hand.


Anonymous said...

I love this look of Seren...she has many, all beautiful. I know you fans out there agree with me.

cindi said...

Love the tat!! And even more I love your words. Thank you for sharing just sacred moments... children really do cleanse the day off our souls....

Anonymous said...

Wow! I find I know so little about Angelina Jolie! My kids were both born in the same city at Serenity's boys but at two different locations...still, I think I'll pass on that for a tatoo as well. It does make it much more interesting to see it in geographical terms. Thanks for making thing so interesting! Now I'll have to look up the geographical location of my little town!