Thursday, March 6, 2008

good thing it's not published yet

Actual paragraph from my memoir:

Michael told me the other day that he thinks I am happier now than I have ever been.  And I know he is right.  I keep thinking maybe it's just the adrenaline from having survived a brush with death and that one day the balloon will pop and I will cry over lost keys again.  Bur for now those mundane details of life have no power over me except to be kissed and laughed over and applauded as the annoyances I'm so thrilled I still get to suffer through.

Actual moment from our evening:

Me:  Where is Jake's cup?  Why, why, WHY is it missing so often?  And why is it never in the same place twice?  I've looked for it everywhere.  EVERYwhere.  And why does it upset me so much?  It's just a cup!  (although, a ticking time bomb of stink what with its containing milk and all).

Michael:  Serenity now.

Wise guy.

Later, Jake found the cup himself.  And it actually was in a place it had been before.  And suddenly, all was right with the world.  Maybe I should change that paragraph in the book . . . .


Matt Bowman said...

Ha! You should probably leave it in, though. Both of these people are you, right? Both of them are real and honest and need to be shown. Life isn't all pretty and enlightened and insightful, but neither is it all dirty and ugly and humiliating.

Now if there aren't any of the "actual moments" in your story (which I doubt), that might be different!

Just my opinion, such as it is.

serenity said...

Oh, there's moments. :)

AmyB. said...

I thought maybe the problem was the misspelled "Bur". Heeehee!

Just got to love those "moments" though. :-)

Jenny Hudson said...

Weird how both of our most recent posts are about us temporarily losing sanity over stupid things. Though I feel for you on stinky milk cups - gross! The Serenity I have always known has equal rights to both the ups and downs in life. I like whatever Serenity I get in the moment.