Tuesday, February 26, 2008

an official tag

Anne Dayton on the Good Girl Lit site tagged me last night with these instructions:

(1) Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages)
(2) Open the book to page 123
(3) Find the fifth sentence
(4) Post the next three sentences
(5) Tag five people

Well. I hit the book roulette jackpot. This book sits by my desk waiting to be returned to Mom after I borrowed it and devoured it not long after I gave it to her for her birthday. Anyway. Sentence 4 tells us that Madeleine L'Engle says you know you are a writer if you can't help but write, if you feel like you must. Sentence 5 reads (because I don't really get by the instructions whether or not it is to be posted, but I feel you need it for the context):

I feel like I must.

(Now the next three)

I want to obey that calling. I'm not a genius. I would be content simply to do some good work.

Isn't it lovely? And just exactly how I feel.

I tag Jenny, Matt, Tracy, Zanne, and Mom, which means that Mom will simply have to post three sentences in my comments section, if she plays at all.


May Vanderbilt said...

In writing grad school, I was once complaining to my prof about how very hard it is for me to write.

He said, "Then stop. It's not like we need more writers."

I looked at him and said, "I can't. I don't want to because I love it, but even if I wanted to, I couldn't."

Love this post! Thanks for playing along!

Matt Bowman said...

Duly posted on my blog.

Tracy said...

ummmm... I did it, but it's definitely not as inspirational as yours. (No offense to Moses)

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to get a blog so I can play better. And I have to bring some good books to work. (My home computer has the flu - or probabably terminal cancer.) Page 123 of the Holdman Bible Dictionary on my desk is a double page spread of an Egyptian god. Page 123 of the Bible on my desk is an outline of the Book of Numbers.
Neither of these is very inspiring as the fifth point in the outline is the Rebellion of Miriam and Aaron and the sentences that follow have to do with the rebellion of Korah. I do hope this is not a message to me from God, but I will be checking my heart for rebellion the rest of the day. Thank you very much.
And since I'm blogless, I'll follow Den's lead and break the chain - risking all the dire results of such heresy as normaly depicted in chain letters.
Your mom (who can't even remember the username of her Google account)

serenity said...

Ah, Mom, you're the cutest little blogless thing ever. And don't worry. The number 123 is probably some sort of curse, and those of you who didn't pass it on are probably actually the only ones who are safe.

Cheri Anne said...

I wasn't tagged, but I had to try it, and I think I too, hit the jackpot.

From the book "Failing Forward" by John Maxwell.

"The fuel that makes it possible for people like them to conquer new territory is risk. Pioneer aviator Charles Lindbergh emphasized that point: "What kind of man would live where there is no daring? I don't believe in taking foolish chances, but nothing can be accomplished if we don't take any chances at all."

So, serenity now -- you took a chance and wrote a book! You did something daring and accomplished something I have only secretly dreamed of and have not yet taken the risk!
Love you,
Cheri White

zanne said...

all right, then, girlfriend!

i posted on my blog.

and the book i had... well, it's just a pretty amazing coincidence. or i'd think so if i believed in coincidence...