Monday, November 3, 2008

thoughts on the ballot

I can't wait to drop my kids off tomorrow and drive to my voting location to exercise my American right to have a say. It's a beautiful thing, and I look forward to it. But I dread the fact that there will almost certainly be a few areas that I simply do not know how to vote. So I thought I would create a list of things I wish would be on the ballot tomorrow.

Proposition to extend the fall and spring seasons. We could call it the Goldilocks Bill - neither too hot nor to cold. Year round. I know some people prefer the extremes. Not me.

Longer lunch hours. Don't Europeans take at least 2 hours there?

A permanent addition to school curriculum, "Letters to Home". Mrs. Pasa of the Kirksville Primary School can lead the committee to put it into practice. Believe me, Parents, you want this one. It does your heart good.

Tax breaks for using recyclable bags at the grocery store and buying fresh fruit and whole grains.

Tastier whole grains.

A paid maternity leave for potty training.

A mandatory percentage for positive stories on news programs. Happy thoughts, People. It does the body good.

Some sort of entertainment bonus for sitting through all the campaign commercials lately. I think we've all earned at least a free trip to the movie theater. With popcorn.

Along those lines, I'd like a gift certificate to an American retailer along with my "I voted" sticker.

And, finally, an extension on the McDonalds Monopoly. I was so close.


Matt Bowman said...

Nice list--I like most if not all of them. I think we should also add a one to two hour siesta on the end of that two hour lunch break! ;-) Also, I think a month each of winter and summer would be plenty--just enough to get some sledding and swimming in and remind us how lucky we are. Of course, the crops would all fail; and we'd starve to death, but wouldn't that one year of climatic bliss be fun?

On the too much negative news front, here's a bit of something positive from the blog of my favorite radio program, Speaking of Faith, for you: A Change Came Over Me.

Kathy said...

Serenity Bohon for President!!!!

Anonymous said...

ah Seren, why dont you just run for office already, you already have two votes!!!

Andrea said...

YOU are good!! I especially like the potty training leave. You may chuckle, but ask any mother who has ever potty trained a child, and there is more truth to that than fiction. Your mom is right. Serenity for Pres. :)

Valerie said...

You've got my vote!