Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our Halloween

What we have here is a soldier, a boxer, and a cowboy.  The boxer has ROCKY stitched in gold on the back of his robe.  And in keeping with our love for movies, the soldier calls himself Sergeant York (with a machine gun?  Okay . . . ), and the cowboy is Woody with a beautiful stick horse named Bulls-Eye whom we  forgot to include in the picture.

Also, I've had a couple people ask:  I was really boring with the Halloween treats and just did chocolate chip cookies.  The parents in Drew's class provided plastic gloves with candy corn in the tips (for fingernails) and popcorn in the rest to look like a creepy sort of hand.  They also had fruit shishkabobs on little ghost toothpicks and sugar cookies shaped and iced like jack-o-lanterns.  I told you I wasn't the right person for that task.  

BUT, I made up for it with my presence.  I was the only parent at John's party, and I was so happy to be wanted there.  (He's not too old!)  So I got to hear with my own ears that his classmates think I am a wonderful cook, and they loved the cookies.  I told them I did it with the help of Pilsbury.  Of course, only the teacher knew what that really meant.

I went to Drew's as well.  (Me and my cups.  I got that sign-up sheet right at least.)  And his letter home this week said, "Dear Mom, Did you see Jake do the limbo?  Also, where did you go after I went to specials?  And I had fun . . . because you were there."  (Ellipses his - that kid is a writer, I tell ya).  


Molly said...

Awesome costumes!

Kathy said...

An actual mother in the classroom beats out creepy popcorn hands any day. Keep up the good work!

I'm taking some credit for those cool costumes since we introduced Drew to Sgt. York :)

"I had fun...because you were there." Best acceptance letter ever received by a mother.

Valerie said...

I agree with your mom...they will remember you being there way more than whatever treat you may have sent with them!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the costumes, Mom and I have been discussing the cuteness of the Bohon kids for just weeks now. So in essence what I am saying is, yawl are celebrities in N. Southtown....