Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I went to get my nails done - and forgot to vote (Just kidding)

Remember that line from You've Got Mail? And then he "forgives her". I wouldn't want to be the person to say something like that this year.

Each morning I drop off my third-grader at Ray Miller Elementary then turn right on Jamison to take my second-grader to the primary school. Today I was so excited to vote that I turned left on Jamison instead, which was the direction for my voting place. He was wrapped up in a toy and didn't notice either.

Pretty soon, though, he asked me a question, and the sound
of his voice scared me half to death. So I whipped the car around in someone else's voting location and got him to school on time.

I took my camera, because I was hoping there would be a big, dramatic line at the polls with "America the Beautiful" playing in the background in sort of a movie motage that is the greatness of democracy. Not so much. Although there were a lot of people there. I used to vote at the health department but this year
was moved to the Moose Lodge. I bet you big city folks
didn't get to vote with a giant moose head over your booth.

I usually take all of my children too, but this year I just took Jake. I like to have at least one of them tagging along, witnessing the wonder of America. Jake was thoroughly impressed, but I think it was mostly with his red Gatorade and the fact that the older ladies kept telling him he was pretty. My boys get that descriptive a lot in the toddler years. I don't mind, and they don't notice - so it works out.

And my sticker, although you can't see it here very well, is a
lovely "We the People" version with I Voted Today
at the bottom. I love our country.


The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Good job voting and great job reporting on it!

Great blog :)

Lori said...

I voted at the Nazarene church about the time you were voting under a moose head. There was a line out the door and all the booths were filled. It's never that crowded there but I was glad to see it. They say the 'ville is expecting 80% turn out. I sure hope so! Also it was great to see college students helping out the usual group of little ol' white haired ladies who usually work there.

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Oh, so do I! I always love it with a gushy love on Election Day!
I took my ten year old and let him push the final vote button on the machine. His delight was better than confetti and balloons!

They ran out of stickers before we got there at 10:30!

Kathy said...

Our little voting hall was filled to capacity with ten table-top booths. It was fun to be greeted by neighbors who were working at the polls. And it was quite satisfying to take the black marker and darken the little circles on my paper ballot. My voice has now been heard.

Felicity said...

I saw Ada at school this afternoon and she was disappointed to see the I Voted sticker on my shirt. "I wanted you to take me!" Then she moved into four year-old thoughtful mode and asked, "Did you vote FOR me? Or do they let children vote?"

andrea t said...

Dora begged me to wait until after school was out so she could go with me to vote, but when she found out the candidates were not actually going to be there she was okay with me going on ahead without her. Dominic also thought they would be there in person and was a little disappointed. After I voted we went to the library to get some books. I forgot about libraries being polling places. There was a long line. I told Dom all those people in line were there to vote. He asked me if they were voting like I had. He seemed rather amazed that so many other people would be voting in another place. I explained how there are thousands of people voting all over America today. I think his world expanded a bit. It was great to share this American experience with him. I rather regret not taking Dora, I'm not sure why I didn't. I too love America.

Sarah said...

Today, I took advantage of it being the last day that my bright yellow "McCain" shirt could have any influence. I put it on this morining with pride. Audrey was shocked to see me wear it. "Mom, everyone will know who you are voting for. It is suppose to be a secret." I told her, "It is no secret to anyone who knows me. Besides I'm ok with everyone knowing."
Well, I went to the polling place (something I look forward to ever since I campaigned for Ronald Reagan in the fourth grade). As I approached the older ladies who so faithfully serve every year, I heard a voice say,"Excuse me ma'am, no electioneering." Oops, I forgot to take off my "McCain" shirt. I quickly snuck into the bathroom and removed it. (I had worn a shirt underneath.) I was a tad embarrassed. (but just a tad.) Like I said, I don't care who knows.
I will be glad when the ballots are cast and we have a new president. I just hope they will wait until the inauguration before they start campaigning for 2012.

serenity said...

I love all these shared stories. It's such a fun day in our country. I like to focus on what brings us all together. We may have voted differently, but we all got excited to vote. We may disagree who should run it, but we agree its a pretty great country to run.

Widney Woman said...

My mother-in-law is in charge of the election place in her town. Normally, they get about 3-400 voters. Yesterday, they got over 1600!! This is a town where Kirksville would be considered urban.

Widney Woman said...

I just read ALL of Sarah's comment. You had to take off your shirt because it said McCain???? But on TV, I saw a bunch of people with Obama and McCain shirts on. Is this something in just your state? Please, someone help me here. I don't understand the big deal. If you were working at the poll station, fine, but as a voter?

Sarah said...

In the state of Missouri you are not allowed to campaign within 25ft of a polling place. My shirt was considered a campaign tool. No big deal. I was happy to oblige. I just put it right back on as I walked out the door.