Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Snack break

Happy day after Labor Day. I like it when Mondays are on a Tuesday, because then Friday gets here quick. I'm also extremely happy it's September. I get all these nostalgic feelings this time of year for basically everything wonderful in my life, but especially for the year that I was becoming a mother for the first time.

I just went to Drew's school. When I realized he had forgotten his September lunch money, I shrugged it off. We could always pay that tomorrow as he probably has a credit anyway from snow days last year and such. Then when I saw a progress report I was supposed to have initialed, I felt a little more concerned. But when I remembered he had taken off without his snack, I snatched Jake from his movie, piled all those things in the car and drove to the school. If I can keep Drew's pseudo Monday from actually feeling like one by heading off not one - or two - but three - "I forgots", then my own pseudo Monday will definitely go better.

So I'm writing a blog too. Because I was thinking, what if everyone is having a Mondayish sort of Tuesday? And then they click onto my blog, thinking, Well, at least there will be something fresh there, and then there isn't? It might feel as though life has stopped altogether, and that could really bring a person down.

So this is my way of hopping in the car and taking you your kid-size bag of Cheez-Its. Don't you feel better now?


Molly said...

In fact, I do. It has been a particularly Mondayish sort of Tuesday as I have a nasty sinus headache and the baby is fussy. But I'm starting to feel better already. Thanks, Mom...er...Serenity. :-)

Anonymous said...

I knew I could count on you! I'm having a Mondayish Tuesday; kids missed the bus (which came early today!)so I in turn was late to work; Julia had a rather unpleasant smell to her as we were walking out, prompting us to go back in and find the diaper stack empty (and thus not a stack at all); then in getting Julia out of the van, her clean blanket and pillow for naptime fell into the freshly-mowed grass - the blanket and pillow working like a magnet in attracting all the green shavings...SIGH!! And as I was logging on here I thought about how disappointing it is when I click to "serenity now" in my favorites and see that shucks!- no new blog! But today you were anticipating my pain and were there for me! Now I can turn this day around!! (Which is good since it is Jeremy's birthday!).
:-) Sara

Felicity said...

What a good idea! Fortunately, I ate cold pizza for breakfast and I got to sleep in a tiny bit (the kids are visiting Grandma!), so I'm surviving this Tuesday/Monday quite well! : )

But keep sending the snacks - a Monday-ish day can hit at any time! (I like the White Cheddar.)

Anonymous said...

Ah Seren, there you are again when I need my nourishment. Derek woke up to "Coppell High School has been closed for today due to a main water break" which sent him leaping through the living room like a deer in the meadow. I decided that I better work from home :) which is a good idea for a monday-ish sort of Tuesday.
Man I love cheez-its!

Kathy said...

Thank goodness you blogged. I was going to resort to chocolate!

SolShine7 said...

"Mondayish sort of Tuesday" - I like those! It's so nice when it feels like Friday rushes your way.