Thursday, September 4, 2008

some of my friends

Do you ever have those days where you get up deter-
mined to have a good day - you push past the stubbing of your toe on the end of the bed and the fact that no one from McDonalds is standing in your kitchen to whip up your favorite biscuits and gravy and even the tiny little sniffle you cheerfully chalk up to an unexpectedly high pollen count? But then the day just keeps piling those things on? And you think, are you just trying to wear me down?

I've had a couple of those in a row. Today, for instance, that tiny sniffle became the kind of allergy and sinus issue that made me wish someone sold Benadryl from a tap. And that was just the lovely foundation for all the other toe-stubbing kind of fun. Yesterday was similar. I try to just steal myself on those days, you know - center down, focus, pull up by the boot straps, pray. But sometimes I need a little material help.

Yesterday after work I put on my iTunes play list while I cooked supper. And it worked so well I made two new recipes without stressing out once. I have enough songs from iTunes finally that they sometimes take me by surprise. And, you know, they just fix me. They unclutter my soul. (Cleaning the kitchen kind of does that too, but I don't like to say that when Michael is sitting so near).

It makes me think of a Friends episode - Friends also makes me happy almost every time. In it Monica and Chandler are jealous of the couple in front of them at the airport (and the hotel) who keep getting cool upgrades because they are on their honeymoon. When Monica complains, the other couple goes on and on about how they don't care about the stuff - they're just happy to have each other, blah, blah, blah. Chandler and Monica pause. You kind of think they have learned their lesson. But then Chandler admits, "Yea, we need the stuff."

I think I'm a pretty good attitude adjuster these days. (Hush, Michael. Remember I was much worse eleven years ago). There is way more happiness in my life than not, and I just remember that. But it sure helps to turn on great music, or a sitcom that feels like going home, or maybe look at great pictures of my life since marriage and motherhood.

I'm trying to teach my kids about self control. Counting your blessings instead of your woes. It's working great. If you remember, John has even thrown that easier-said-than-done cliche right back in my face. But once they get that self control lesson down. Once they know the rule - how to comfort themselves like a baby learning to fall asleep without the pacifier - once they get it, I'm flippin' on the iTunes. I'm putting it on random play, turning it up, and letting them in on lesson number two: Sometimes you need the stuff.


Felicity said...

Ah, yes, the stuff. I understand completely.

A short road trip usually does wonders for me!

Tracy said...

The "stuff" that helps me most when I can't find those bootstraps is ice cream with chocolate and watching a cheesy mystery movie on the Hallmark channel with Leonard! However, if there's enough time and money available, a night in a nice hotel will keep my spirits high for weeks!
Maybe we're not supposed to actually need stuff, but I think it's just like the rules in writing. It's okay to break some of them as long as you know you're doing it and you have a good reason!

Valerie said...

I blame hormones for my days like that. And I like stuff sometimes, too. And sometimes I just give it up for the day, order a pizza, put my pajamas on, and loaf with my favorite people to top off the day. Why not?

Lucinda said...

Ok, so Matt and I (just had our 9 year anniversary yesterday) are the annoying couple standing in front of Chandler and Monica - we're so happy with the basics everything else is the chocolate on the ice cream. Things fall into our laps all the time and we're grateful for them and just as grateful without them.

With that said - I really love stuff! Especially my new car (even if I did get a speeding ticket on Monday - it was still fun to drive it that fast). I chalk all the good stuff up to having an awesome God and all the bad annoying stuff I ignore as much as possible - it's worked so far.

Lucinda said...

I must have signed up as Lucinda a long time ago - just thought I should let you know (in case you didn't already) this is Cindy Brennecke

serenity said...

I did know it was you, Cindy, and I'm not surprised your perspective on life is still so healthy and grateful!

Kathy said...

I'm having the stuff as we speak. My friend, Anna, brought me the ritual candy corn & peanut mix in celebration of Autumn. Ahhhhhh. This is exactly the stuff I needed today!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I'm still working on that with my kids (actually I'm still working on myself too!)
A good walk through the woods always helps me. And a good cup of coffee with a chocolate croissant can't hurt either!

SolShine7 said...

Another post I enjoyed reading. Thanks!