Monday, September 8, 2008

girl with the pink umbrella

I don't know about where you live, but where I am today it was nasty, ugly, gloomy rain all day long.  Those descriptives are probably only because we're working on the roof right now.   If it were finished, I probably would have said cozy.

I've been sick-ish - as you know - and felt much better today, so despite my descriptives I was actually in a shockingly cheerful mood.  Sort of.  Not a typical Monday anyway.  And on my way to pick up the kids from school, I saw this young woman walking in the rain with a pink umbrella and the pink fitted rain coat to match and white rain boots with some cute pattern on them.  I watched her walk toward me, then past me, and then away from me (the pick-up line is loooong) with that adorable splash of color like a ray of light in the whole world.  That's what I thought of her.  And I also thought, I am so blogging that.  And I wondered if she knew how thrilled I felt by her shiny pink self in this ugly, cloudy day.  

I had a great evening then.  Went to a PTC meeting, which is kind of over my head sometimes, and I always want to giggle when people "make a motion" for things even though I know we were all just boiling macaroni and wiping cheese from our children's faces just moments before we threw ourselves out the door for the meeting.  But I always feel so proud to be there.  And then I talked for almost an hour to one of those people you wish you'd known all your life, which was cool too.  But THEN - 

I came home and got the life squeezed out of me from three little boys who you'd think hadn't seen me for a week.  And I was so moved and happy and reminded yet again what matters most in my little life.  And I was thinking - it wasn't all that cloudy today after all.  It was like one HUGE pink umbrella.  


Felicity said...

My beautiful striped umbrella breathed its last during a summer thunderstorm (too many child-like stomps in the back of my car, I think). I miss it. Now I carry a big black one that looks very professional - and boring!

At least your post was a pink umbrella - Thanks!

Kathy said...

I wanted cool rain boots Monday, but mostly because I didn't want to get my expensive new shoes wet. You would enjoy seeing your father on these rainy days. He no longer jumps in puddles; he drives in them. He seriously swerves toward the curb so he can splash water all over the truck and make Lenna and I both squeal on the way to lunch. We don't mind the splashing; it is the veering toward the lake that gets us every time.

Anonymous said...

Sara used to say "rainbrella" when she was little.....she was SO CUTE

(hi Sara, i know you're there)

LOVE any posts you do Seren, but esPECIALLY if they're pink

SolShine7 said...