Monday, August 25, 2008

It happened in a book I read

I'm reading Chocolat.  I was sort of trying to cut back on sweets before I started that book.  But now I feel that any day that goes by without a petit four is a complete waste of existence.  I haven't finished the book, so I can't decide if I will love it until the end.  But for now, it's a pretty little literary treat I get to open in all my free time.  I love the way it feels like a fairy tale even though she uses words like television.  And I love the different points of view.  And the imaginary rabbit.  I don't remember the movie, so I can't possibly have seen it.  

One of my favorite Anne books talks about a Dickens novel.   A character in the Anne book says when she reads the Dickens one she always gets ravenously hungry because the people in it always seem to be eating good things.  Kind of like the fact that every time I think of Heidi I get a craving for cheese and milk.

Do you know what I mean by Anne book?  That's what I call the eight-part series by L.M. Montgomery that begins with the children's classic Anne of Green Gables.  It could really be bad for my literary future that I love those books so much.  I'll never think I've written a lovable  character unless she has red hair.  And a book will never be good enough unless I think my reader will want seven more in the series.  

But I'll push past those feelings.  Just like I pushed past the feeling that life wasn't worth living unless it was the late 1800s again.  Just like I pushed past the craving for the petit four.  I'll just write about regular old dishwater blonds and dull brunettes.  And then I'll go eat those chocolate donuts in the refrigerator.  Pre-processed, factory-packaged donuts.  It won't look or smell like it came from a chocolaterie, but my taste buds aren't nearly as picky as my soul.  


Matt Bowman said...

That's a favorite book of mine. And, brace yourself, I think it may be one of the few instances where I like the movie as much (or maybe even a little more) than the book. That's highly unusual for a cinematically challenged person like me!

Tracy said...

Wow... what a great concept for a novel... a red-headed girl that just inherited a great fortune from her family that, by the way, got its start in chocolate... all in a setting of the late 1800's!!!!!

Leave the blond and brunette to be her nemeses!

Felicity said...

I believe you forgot to give me credit for giving you that book. Do you think that is ethical? If so, please explain it to me.

(Other readers, do not panic, this is an inside joke, BUT, I did give her the book!)

Valerie said...

I totally want cheese and milk at the briefest thought of Heidi! When I get done with the book I am reading I am reading the Anne series again. I thought about it last time you brought it up but this time I am going for it. It has probably been 15 years. Then I might move on to the Little House books. My mom read that entire series out loud to us every summer when we were kids.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the movie Chocolat, now need to apparently get the book. The movie provides the same sensation that I get while watching Willie Wonka, give me rivers of Chocolate NOW!!
I SO need to get these Anne books as well, Half Price Books here I come!
note to Felicity, I lol'd on your comment (I get it)

Widney Woman said...

A lot of people in Chicago must have enjoyed reading/watching Chocolat because there are chocolatiers all over town. We have one 1/2 mile from our house. They are really everywhere.

Lela said...

You are giving me a craving for cake a chocolate. And books. I liked the movie, but of course the book sounds much better!

Speaking of, I'd like to read your book too! I'm sure you'll keep us posted about that right?

serenity said...

Of course I will! Thanks for your interest, Lela!

Katie said...

I came here via Anne and May's blog...and I just have to say I love the Anne books too. They are still some of my favourites of all time.

And I love Chocolat! Joanne Harris is such a brilliant writer - and yes, her books make me crave delicious food. I'd highly recommend her others - Coastliners, Blackberry Wine, Five Quarters of the Orange, and The Girl with No Shadow (a sequel to Chocolat!).