Sunday, May 11, 2008

your mother's day and mine

Dear Mom, 

I liked the way you smelled after a long trip with Dad when you would come through the very door in this picture and pick us up at Grandma's where we had been staying.  Your skin was always so fresh and cool, either from the snowy outdoors in winter or the crisp air conditioning in summer.  You smelled like some place wonderful mingled with your perfume - the combination that resulted from time away with dad and thus your happy glow.


If I was with you today, I'd make you a necklace from construction paper hearts and an old shoe string that you can't help but picture in the mud and which you are grateful doesn't smell like dog poop - because that's what my children did for me.  I would pick all of your favorite flowers - the only ones that bloomed, and which you so love to see growing outside - and put them in mugs and glasses all over your house.  I would still string my toys all over the floor, but I don't think you would mind picking them up - what with the necklace and all - and did I mention the rings that say MOM and the poem that you rock like a mock ?  If I was 2, I might even dump baby powder all over the bathroom floor and myself and the tractor trailer I like to drive around the house.   But don't worry, Dad'll clean it up.


If I were with you today, I'd kiss your face and thank God that I learned from the very best woman in the world just how special old shoelaces can be.  You rock, Mom.  Like a mock.


Kathy said...

This is as good as being thanked from the stage at the Oscars! I don't think I've ever been the subject of anyone's blog before. I feel so hip. And so loved. And so grateful that all my kids grew up to be such lovely people.

listeningtree said...

You have a great mother. I sat 2 rows behind her in church today. She was holding 1 grandchild, had 4 more at her feet, and was holding onto the straps of a 1-year-old who wasn't feeling so good but wanted to stand up on that chair by herself, thank you very much. By the way, your brother was several rows down just watching the whole thing... boys! :-) I'd nominate her for mother of the year, but I think she'd rather have your blog instead. I'm so blessed to know Kathy, and all of her "lovely people" kids!!

Felicity said...

I agree with it all, and since I'm the reason Mom was covered in grandchildren (alone) last night, I really should have done more. Jesse did write her a little song and recorded it in a Hallmark card that played "You'll Be In My Heart" from Tarzan. And, I might add, his opening song was in the same key as Phil Collins. So, I guess my big Mother's Day present was having him ... and all the others! : )

This was charming.

Anonymous said...

The song did win the day. Jesse earned the tears award. And I plan to keep it forever. I won't sell it on ebay no matter how famous he gets!