Thursday, May 8, 2008

average photography, excellent life

I'm off to organize pictures soon.  The word organize implies that I'm really on top of our family history through photography, but not so much.  I'm way behind in ordering pictures online and will currently be placing September and October o4 in the albums.  Yikes.  I think that I adore pictures.  I consider photography one of the dreams I just missed actually wanting to pursue.  If I had inherited a great professional camera at some point in my life instead of having journaled my little heart out like it was going to save the world, you'd be looking at a photo gallery right now.  So, anyway, I think I adore them and that I take a lot of them.  But it's true what they say - for every 100 pictures, I only get a few real gems.  I have them faithfully stored on my computer and in cyberspace, but I fail to order them very often except for gifts or cards.  I've also noticed another problem - so often I would rather live the moment than take a picture of it.

As mentioned, I just read Celebrity Detox by Rosie O'Donnell.  She scrapbooks a lot.  And paints and does crafts and makes videos with family pictures.  And at one point in the book she said that she thinks sometimes she overdoes this because it is easier to be with pictures than with people.  Being with people takes more work.  She didn't give that as a suggestion but as self deprecation.  And I think she's right.  It's harder to glorify the mundane while we're living it than it is to put a colorful border around it and glue it to a scrapbook as IF to glorify it.  I am going to go organize those pictures - Cornfest 05 with 12 million pictures of the boys and their cousins riding ponies in a circle the size of a sedan - this won't document itself, People!  But I'll never take a picture or put it in a photo album again without thinking of Rosie's words and hoping to God that I strike the proper balance.


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