Monday, May 19, 2008

a bit of earth

Gardening for me has always been a theory. Something I knew would be a beautiful part of life if I ever actually tried it - kind of like I used to feel about having children. That's right, you wouldn't know it by the sheer volume of mom-related posts on this blog, but at one time having children someday was something I knew I should and would do but not something I understood to be the best thing that would happen to me ever. Parenthood and gardening are similar in that way. You can't really convince someone how it will feel until they try it for themselves.

Tonight I got a taste of it. I raked the leaves from around the beautiful azaleas in front of the house.  Yes, raked the leaves, as in, Don't most people do that before it snows?  And I gotta say, it was nice.  It really is as satisfying as everyone always says.  I was going to post a picture, but I'm too tired to load them onto the computer right now.  Plus, I will then be like the mother who puts the child on the phone and won't let you go until the child speaks.  It's just not the same unless it's your own flower bed.  Still though, I wanted to share it with the universe that I'm converted.  Gardening - it's good for the soul.


Molly said...

Aha! And you were probably laughing at me on Friday when you and Lori drove by to find me (upper respiratory infection and all) cutting the grass around my trees with scissors! I'm glad you've experienced the therapy a good gardening session can bring. :-)

Tracy said...

I love gardening! I just finished planting flowers all around my yard, plus a tomato plant and some jalepeno peppers just so I can say I do vegetables. The flowers lift my spirits every time I see them AND they help draw attention away from the fact that we haven't finished painting our house! Add to that the fact that playing in the dirt is highly therapeutic, and .... what's not to love about gardening?!

AmyB. said...

Amen! :)