Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Missed Opportunity: George Clooney

Hey, remember when I was in a movie?  I just like to refer to it now and then.  I found an article the other day about the film student who directed the short I was in (Brantley Ping, in the hat in this photo), and there is a photo referring to me as "actor Serenity Bohon."  You know I bookmarked that baby.  After all, according to my 9-year-old (a couple posts earlier), it is one of the things for which I might eventually be famous. (You can see the article HERE, because I know you care.)

All of this brings me to today's small regret.  I could have been in a film with George Clooney, but I turned it down.  (Keep reading for the realistic version of that statement that was SO FUN to write).

Mom has this awesome knack for passing along information for opportunities that probably sound like torture to her but which she knows one or the other of us would love.  Enter a little ad she saw for extras in a George Clooney flick which would be filming at the St. Louis airport less than 4 hours from me.  

I read all about it - you get paid, I don't remember, eleven dollars a day or something.  And the days are hours and hours and hours beyond a normal work day (Okay, like 11 or 12).  But you're in a film with George Clooney.  (You see?  That logic alone would have gotten me in this film.  I AM their target audience.)  And, listen, I had a whole other reason that was pretty good too.  Research.

I'm writing a novel, and let's just say knowing what it actually feels like on the set of a major film, or at least what it feels like to be within several yards of an actor you've previously only seen up close in your movie cabinet at home, would be priceless firsthand information.  Unfortunately, I could have driven all the way to the audition only to find out I didn't get to take part.  OR, I could have driven all the way to the audition only to have to come back a second day.  This is hotel and gas money I didn't really have, what with the economy crashing around our heads, on the off-chance that I would actually be chosen.  I was practical, People.  And nobody ever got into a George Clooney movie BY BEING PRACTICAL.

So, I don't know if regret is the right word.  Those were some precious hours with my actual life that I don't really wish I'd given up.  Still, in a couple of years, George Clooney should appear in a film called Up in the Air (with Jason Bateman too - I've loved you in everything you've done, Mr. Bateman) in which he is a "corporate downsizer obsessed with collecting frequent flyer miles at the expense of having a life".  I'm thinking comedy more than dark drama.  But I'm pretty sure, I'll be the girl in the second to last row, crying.


Sarah said...

Oh, Serenity! First of all, congrats on your first starring role. What did I say about you being famous?
And then missing out on becoming close personal friends with George Clooney AND Jason Bateman! I felt a stab to my heart when I read that (Jason was the final blow). However, I do understand why you didn't pursue it and good for you for being practical. I fear I would have been a lesser person.
Anyway, when you ARE famous, you can be all "A movie with George and Jason? Please. I could hardly fit it in my extremely busy schedule. That's how in-demand I am." Nobody will ever know otherwise;)

serenity said...

Ah, Sarah. You're such an important asset to my imaginary life. One day they'll ask me that inevitable question, "So what keeps you grounded?" And my answer will be, "Well it sure as heck isn't my mother or that fan named Sarah!"

Sarah said...

I have to say I am a little disappointed. Remember our stalker conversation. There is only one way to meet J. Garner. Right, right!!! Obsession over practicality.
Kidding!! The economy stinks, right?

serenity said...

The economy does stink Sarah D., but it's sort of a fabrication to say that it changed my specific finances all that much. It's just so much more universal to blame a lack of gas money on the whole darn economy than on the fact that my income has never really qualified me for spur of the moment stalker trips. If only I'd had a little more planning, THEN . . .

Kelly H-Y said...

Ohhhh, I'm so sorry about that possible missed opportunity! Someday, when you're watching that movie, just keep thinking of that great article ... you in the picture, referred to as actor Serenity Bohon ... so cool! :-)

Anonymous said...

"And next....we have published Author turned Actress Serenity Bohon who is here to discuss her movie "Serenity Now" thats coming out this weekend, stay tuned.....but first, this is Today"

lol-I am not kidding, I can see Meredith Viera saying this to the camera.

Kara said...

You were in a movie? Wow I'm so impressed. More than impressed.

I have to say that George Clooney I can live with, but if you ever post here saying you've turned down the chance to be in a movie with Josh Lucas or Chad Michael Murray then we will no longer be able to be virtual friends :)


George Clooney has no idea what he missed out on.