Monday, April 6, 2009

Road Trip, Baby

You can read on Felicity's blog today that we took a road trip together this weekend.  I got to see the college she attends online and bask in that whole academia glow (mostly coming from Felic).  We heard an author read a portion of his memoir-like novel, and I'm currently devouring the copy we purchased and had him sign.  (Mental note:  If you're remotely interesting, people will be more likely to buy your book if they've met you).  He was superbly validating to us aspiring writers, on the nonexistence of writer's block (if you don't feel like writing, then read - it's fine), and on the need to think a lot, which only looks like doing nothing if you're not the one who's thinking.

I sent a thank you card to Holly recently to forward to a person in the business who said some wonderful things about my memoir and its potential once it finds a publisher.  That kind of stuff is gold at this stage of my climb, and I wanted him to know what it meant.  Dropping that card in the mail, knowing it was about to travel directly from my hands in Small Town, Missouri, to hers in New York City - sort of made me do the happy dance.  I missed my chance to move far away after graduation and try to take the world by storm from some perch in the Big City or other world-conquering places.  I missed the chance by not really wanting it at the time.  So now while I settle in to this lovely little midwest life, I cherish every opportunity that helps me also reach outside of it.  It's wonderful to meet new people, thrilling to have connections outside of my own quiet yard and pretty street.  

This morning when Jake and I got in the car, I wanted to keep driving forever.  Monday seemed so monotonous without the open road in it, and a new destination.  I started fantasizing about just how wonderful the inside of an airport can feel.

Thankfully, the thrill of our road trip still lingered.  It's not that I never go anywhere.  I just wasn't going anywhere today.  Fortunately, those are very different things.


Felicity said...

I totally, totally get this feeling. And I am still basking in the glow! So fun! I'm even doing homework as a kind of celebration - my love for school was totally validated this weekend. And I can't wait to read the book, but, don't worry, I won't have time before the end of May.

Kathy said...

I get it, too. I'm headed to a writer's conference next week, and it is one of my happy-happy-thoughts every time it flits through my mind. (It is followed closely by the freak-out-moment when I realize I haven't sent my manuscript in and the deadline looms.)

Tracy said...

I love, love, LOVE road trips! Just the mention of it makes me want to go get snacks! But I must confess, after all the adventures, I love coming home to my quiet little city.

Anonymous said...

Seren I just had this very thought on our VERY warm Saturday this past weekend. Sometimes getting in the car, turning my music way loud and just driving, with no destination in mind, completely clears my head and gives me my "happy" back that went missing for whatever reason.
I'm sort of feeling a pull to go back to school (gasp) not sure what I will do, but the idea won't go away! As I read what Felic is doing it REALLY wont go away :)
Thanks for continuing to share your fabulous thoughts here, your blog is one of my biggest happy's.

serenity said...

Tiff, that's so cool! Keep me posted ;)

Kathy said...

You can do it, Tiffany! We will all root for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kathy, I think the words "you can do it" are just what I needed to hear. Oh the thought of writing a paper! and thats just ONE thought. :)
luv to all

Kelly H-Y said...

Gotta love a road trip with your sister!!! The best! Especially when there's the bonus of meeting an author involved!! :-)