Thursday, March 19, 2009

This might be the most fun I've had on blogger yet

A few things you should know about my mom:

First, this is a picture of her with my younger sister Charity, who really doesn't get pictured enough on my blog - so there you have it.  And here are some more things:

I get my love for writing from her.  I started writing books in the preteen years.  I always had the main character's home intricately mapped out, all of the family members named - first, middle, and poetic meaning - the back story outlined, then one quarter of the first chapter - usually with a cute teenage girl, a twerpy little brother (sorry, Joe, but that really reflects more on me than on you), and a mom in the home office clacking away on her typewriter.

She is the oldest - I mean - most mature woman I know with an actual crush on the man she's been married to longer than she was single.  Actual crush.  As in, "Isn't he cute?" and "I thought you should know this wonderful thing your father did today."

She is genuinely baffled that none of her children are famous yet - if not for a specific talent, than for sheer awesomeness.

She likes Diet Coke, chocolate, the Little Women soundtrack, sentimental gifts (this woman likes to cry, People), curling up with a magazine or a happy movie, her grandchildren, Christmas, and Dad (did I already mention him?).

She has a serious gift for the silver lining.  If she can't find one, she will MAKE ONE UP.  She believes in God's perfect timing, God's unfathomable mercy, and his perfect timing.  (It's one of the silver linings - it comes in handy a lot, believing in that one).

And, finally, SHE. HAS. A. BLOG.  This is her premier right here on my own blog!  Consider it graced with a red carpet and flashing with camera lights, and me wearing Oscar de la Renta.  She's actually quite the magazine writer aficionado, but she took a slight reprieve back in the day to rear us soon-t0-be famous people.  (That's right before she taught us that, yes, children are reared, not raised.  And that's because of her odd enjoyment for appropriate grammar.)  But you'll soon see more of her articles as she's re-dipping her toes into the world of freelance and, of course, taking it by storm.  

You can find her right here on blogger by clicking these pretty words: Kathy Nickerson.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Just read Kathy's first post, and thoroughly enjoyed it. As I commented on her blog, I KNOW where the Nickerson girls get their "gifts" from.
(and their charm)

ps.not leaving Joe out by any means, just sayin (or your Dad) :)

Cheri' said...

Your words captured your wonderful mother perfectly!

What a lovely treat to NOW read her words and enjoy her "silver linings" frequently!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the Academy. :) You know you got me with the crush thing. And the whole post is every superlative I can think of and way more than I deserve. Thanks for debuting me so perfectly.

Sarah said...

Not famous yet? What do you call having international blog readers (me), writing a book and appearing in a short film?
Great post! Your mom sounds amazing:)

serenity said...

Ah, Sarah, you'd fit in with us so well! That's JUST the kind of thing she would say about my level of fame. In fact, wait a minute, she HAS. (And I always forget you're international - and you're right, that is totally cool).

RedHed said...

How GREAT to see your Mom (even if in a 2D picture)! I haven't seen either of your parents in years. I think about your Dad often, especially since the DO I see down here in Columbia doesn't do adjustments. Oh how I miss those!!!

Kelly H-Y said...

How exciting!! And, such a nice introduction!!!

Bonnelle Pagel said...

How cool! I love your mom! =)

Yes, I know... I'm a little behind but this is the first chance in a long time that I've been able to sit and read my favorite blogs & you are your sisters were where I started first.

I just want to say that your blogs... inspire me!

Valerie said...

I have always known about the Kathy Marlene and Judy Coleen thing and the crying and laughing and hugging thing. I always knew our moms both loved writing. I don't think I realized the full extent of their "kindred spirit" bond until I read this post. You could seriously plug my mom's name in for yours here. I mean, I put a picture of my dad and Megan on my facebook and my mom wrote that he was cute...she has more silver lining than any other person I know in this world. Anyway, I love this post and I love that she has a blog!