Sunday, April 27, 2008


At the moment, I am non-fictioning myself to death.  I'm loving every word - how to help your kids thrive in public school, (Going Public, by David and Kelli Pritchard), a Christian's perspective on filmmaking (Outside Hollywood by Isaac Botkin), and You Can Market Your Book by Carmen Leal.  They're all relevant, and I'm enjoying them.  In between these I also read both of Rosie O'Donnell's memoirs, and it was at some point after that when I started wondering just which wonderful story I'm going to pick up next.  I can't wait to get lost in a good piece of fiction again.  

While thinking of where I will turn first in choosing my next great read, I can't help but think about the Anne of Green Gables series, my previously mentioned favorite fiction series of all time.  When I found this picture online and discovered I could own these books for the small price of 55.70 per book, I practically ran to Michael with the news.  He informed me that our closets and shelves are already overrun by my many copies of the series.  The fact that these are HARD BACK fell completely on deaf ears.

So remember how I want to get a book published some day and wish I could be in a movie - at least ONCE - and hopefully go to the premiere?  Well, here's another one:  Book 8 in this series?  SHOULD BE A MOVIE.  And I want to write the screenplay.  I don't care what you think of the flowery sunsets or flights of imagination in the first several books, you can't possibly hate the last one.  It's based during WWI.  It has courage, sacrifice, comedy, romance, horrible sorrow, childish thrills.  It's completely awesome.  As I told my dad once - there's a scene with a dog.  Dude.  You will never get over it.  And it belongs on the screen.  I haven't even begun to summon the nerve to make the call to find out who owns the movie rights to this book, but I'm convinced when I find them I will in very few words be able to convince them that I am the perfect person to pen its screenplay.  No one could adore it more.  No one could be better versed in all the wonderfulness that led to this finale.  I want the job.  

At the very least, don't let the same person write it who did Anne of Avonlea (The Kevin Sullivan version).  I have yet to forgive them for squishing three books together that way and leaving out some of the best characters ever.  It was so uncool.  Mr. Harrison and Philippa Gordon deserved to be heard.  I want vindication, and I want an Oscar for it.

Hold on - that's a different dream.  


AmyB. said...

What an awesome idea!!! You go, girl!

Samantha is recieved her first copy of Anne of Green Gables from my mom this spring. She has been reading it and really likes it. Although she pronounces Anne, "Ann ie", because of the "Ann with an e" line. Hee,heee...

Felicity said...

I have to admit that if it wasn't for the movies, I would be woefully deficient in my Green Gables education. I'm pretty sure I read most of them, but I'm sketchy on those middle volumes.

But Rilla I remember. Loved it. It would be an excellent movie. The dog! I think I could tear up just thinking about that scene!

Anonymous said...

It has been some time since I read the series, but I remember that I thoroughly loved them all! It was yet another book series that my husband and I read together. I remember that I laughed and cried often. That Anne! Although I enjoyed the series on tv; it wasn't as good as the books.

Serenity, have you read the Mitford series by Jan Karon? Love that Father Tim!

I love Laura Ingalls Wilder, too, and enjoyed visiting her homes in southwest Missouri. I would also like to visit Prince Edward Island!


SolShine7 said...

LOL, you're so funny. Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite movies. I haven't read the books yet but I know they're even better the movie (books usually are).

You should totally try and do the screenplay for the last book. I felt the same way about Francine Rivers Redeeming Love. I worked up enough courage to contact her and ask if I could adapt her novel. She informed that it had been optioned already but if nothing happens when the time runs out I'll ask her again.

So do it! It's possible.

I just have one question for you: Can I come to your Oscar party? ;)

p.s. What actors do you imagine playing in the lead roles of your screenplay?

serenity said...

Oooh! You're speaking right to my heart! My Oscar party and which actors I picture? We could have a fun dialogue, you and I! I've always thought Rilla's character should be by an unknown, but I picture someone like Emmy Rossum. (Rilla had red-brown curls and "a kissable dent" in her lip) I would be really picky about who plays Anne, but I haven't though of anyone yet. She's such an important character to all of us fans of the series, but I don't actually want the viewers thinking "Anne of Green Gables" when they watch her. The story is so much more than that. It might be cool to use Canadian actors. That's where the story is set of course. I won't be able to stop thinking about this now. And I'll let you know when I make the call. I'll be so sad when they tell me it's already optioned!

natalie said...

I LOVE Anne!!! In fact, my parents and I still call a guy who is a keeper a "Gilbert" :) He the first guy in literature I remember swooning over. And even though the movies left out some stuff (what is up with the last movie?!), I thought they were great too. I convinced my dad to watch them with me and he liked them too. My parents even planned one of our vacations to Prince Edward Island. It was bliss (no Gilbert, but still ;)

I'm always looking for pretty versions of books I like, even if I already have them. I think it is a justifiable purchase. I mean, hello! For Anne of Green Gables, you can build another bookshelf :)