Monday, April 21, 2008

not just a tattoo artist anymore

So, remember the original poetry Drew was reciting in the car that sent John into a frenzy of grimacing and ear
plugging? I happen to have some of it here for you. Ahem:

The Color Rap
Green, green, Ding dong ding
Red, red, Happy head
Yellow, yellow, Lemon Pillow
Black, black, Looking back
- Andrew, copyright 2008

I think it's practically perfect. In every way. (Just like Mary Poppins). And you know it thrills my little heart to see his creative juices flowing. It's so amazing being a part of the miracle of bringing a child into the world, and so rewarding when they enter it and start bringing yet more wonderfulness with them - poetry, inventions, questions that you got too old and smart to ask.

In the case of this rap, though, I'm afraid there is further proof of my influence in Drew's life besides the creative urge. His pronunciation of "pillow". I'm afraid I say it wrong. Michael has been trying to tell me so for years, and I was all - who cares? So I say "pellow", it's not like "supposebly" or something. Most people won't even notice the E in my pillow. I only feel a little badly about this now, because after all he is in the formative years of pronunciation. Teach them wrong at this age, and they'll say basghetti their whole lives. (I love that one. And it took forever, but they finally say leaves instead of fleaves.)

So anyway - Drew writes a poem, and I realize how intensely he's been hanging on my every word. Gotta love that. And besides - yellow, yellow, lemon pillow - I think Seuss would approve.


Den said...

I don't (so far as I know) say "pellow" yet I found that the most striking line. I thought the "e" in "lemon" allowed the "e" sound to influence the "pillow" enough to make it work. Though, I still read it "pillow". Just to say, I think it works either way.

serenity said...

I found it the most striking as well. It made me wonder what was a lemon pillow, and how wonderful would it be?

Anonymous said...

Applause. Applause. Applause.

Encore. Encore!
Gramma Kathy

Matt Bowman said...

I have to say I'm partial to "Red, red, happy head," but the lemon pillow line is striking as well. I find the associations he brings to the colors intriguing. Smart kid!

Kathy said...

By the way, did you introduce Andrew to your agent et?

Kathy said...

That would be "yet"

Anonymous said...

A little boy version of Serenity--how wonderful! I too enjoy my childrens' creativity.

Jenny Hudson said...

I love his poem. I wish I could write like that.

Anonymous said...

Our kids say basghetti too!!! or did! Mikayla, our 3 year old, says it now. Thanks for enjoyable reading again! I'd better stop procrastinating and cook tea/dinner/supper- whatever you call it!!
Love Bec from Down Under!!!!!!!