Tuesday, January 29, 2008

this is why people get Tivo

My sister was just on national television.  That's right.   American Idol, Baby.  I was looking at my computer screen when it happened, but I caught the last little bit as she was laughing at someone off-camera (whom I know to have been my other sister, and I know this because I was standing right there).  Uncle Rick says I was also in the shot as well as my mom and my sister's husband.  You would think I would be cool about this.  I mean, I'm too old to actually be a contestant, and my sister didn't get to sing for the celebrity judges, and it's reality television after all - not exactly an Oscar moment.  But I'm not cool about it.  I'm completely thrilled and excited.  Eight thousand.  That is the number of people who tried out in Omaha.  One hour.  That's how long the show was tonight.  Seven thousand seven hundred and something.  That's the (approximate) number of other people who did not get through to Hollywood and could have been shown laughing at Felicity's joke (or their own sister's joke I guess) on American Idol tonight, but weren't. (There, Felicity, you see?  You didn't make it on screen but now the masses of people who read this blog are completely aware that you were ALSO THERE.)  (P.S.  "Masses" is a tiny bit of a stretch)  (P.P.S.  So is "tiny").

Charity says she has watched it a few times over now, and suddenly television has begun to lose it's mystique.  It feels kind of like: National television, national television, national television, and cue home video . . .  national television, national television.  

If the writer's strike doesn't end soon (although, I hear the conglomerates did get my letter, since the Oscars are officially a go), then one day probably most of us will have a reality television story like this one.  Getting-to-know-you questions will be like, What's your favorite coffee blend, who's on your iPod, and which reality television series were you on?   That won't really be a happy day I don't think.  

But anyway, this one is.  It's an American phenomenon, and I was a part of it.  These are the moments we uncool people live for.


Molly said...

I wish I was as uncool as you! I'm so jealous of your 15 nanoseconds of fame!! (not kidding)

You looked GREAT by the way!!

Felicity said...

As I said to Charity, some film editor in Hollywood thinks she personifies "relaxed and happy" because those were the words right before her face flashed on the screen.

We can always say we were there...of course, the rest of you have actual proof! :)

Anonymous said...

I have it recorded, my husband says he can help me upload it to the computer. That way you can watch it over and over and have it for many years :) My sister said you told her to tell me "Hi" the other day, and that just made my day!

BTW, you all looked SO beautiful!

-Crystal Amaya (Shipman)

serenity said...

Crystal (Shipman) Amaya, you're a doll!

Anonymous said...

No, YOU'RE a doll! :) I will send the link to your myspace mail when he gets it uploaded!

Tracy said...

Serenity- Post a link on your blog when Crystal gets the episode uploaded! I missed it and I want to be able to see it!

Polly said...

What a neat experience! I'm surprised though with the amazing voice she has that she didn't get to sing for the celeb judges. Some of those who do just baffle me--WHY? LOL. I agree with Tracy, Please post the clip when you get it!

Anonymous said...

I'm ashamed to admit how many times I have watched the show (which I recorded).It is especially good in slow motion or frame-by-frame. And, evidently professional cameras do not add twenty pounds. Hurray.
I am so proud of Charity for taking this bold step and for representing us so well.