Thursday, January 17, 2008

he's two . . . he's good at it

Jake was born in 2006 exactly two days after my friend Christie had a little girl and named her Emilee.  It was so cool being in the hospital at the same time.  Back then, Emi was giving the nurses trouble with how much she was(n't) eating.  Jake didn't have a problem in that area. Recently they both turned two.  Emi was showing me some dance moves the last time I hung out with her.  She was naming the moves as she did them, "Plie, plie, arabesque . . . leeeeean."  I'm not kidding.  She says "Arabesque".    While she demonstrates it.  And she told me in complete sentences exactly what she was wearing (new Christmas pajamas) and who they were from.

Jake says dog pretty well.  And I want, although the two words are about four syllables and I really only recognize them because of the familiar inflection in his voice, the pointing, and the fact that it's followed by some word that resembles whatever he is pointing at.
Now don't you worry, there is no part of me that frets over this.  My middle son talked like an adult before his second birthday, but my first was more like Jake.  I've read all the books and baby websites - all kids are different.  It's all good.

But still, I was pretty thrilled when he got out a 2-word sentence the other day and has repeated it several times since.  He was on his new miniature truck-n-trailer, and looked right at Michael and said, "Papa, watch."  Clear as day.  (Our kids call Michael Papa, it's a long story about a good friend, I'll tell it later).  He has said it to me now too.  He also says I love you.  Not as clear as day, but it's still quite evident that's what he's saying.  He knows it makes me giggle and squeal like's he's the coolest thing on the planet but I don't think he's realized just how much he could probably get out of me by doing it.   Thank goodness.

It's not like Jake needs words so very much anyway.  His actions speak pretty loudly.   For instance, the answer to "What is that on your shirt?" is almost always, "The same thing I just spilled on the kitchen floor."   And, "Where are you," which I ask after suspicious silences, is straight out multiple choice for which I was well-prepared with Deductive Reasoning worksheets back in grade school.   A) It has something to do with the toilet, B) Let's just say you'll need the changing table soon, C) It starts with "Digging in" and ends with either "Your purse, your drawers, or the refrigerator," and D) "Well, the cat was eating it!"

Anyway, it doesn't matter how you say it - Two looks great on him.


emily alexander said...

I gave birth to my first child, a son, in October and it has opened up a whole new world for me. I really enjoyed reading your tales about your boys. Thanks.

maia said...

Thanks for making me laugh! Madison is usually found in one of those places right now also - usually "it has something to do with the potty." Yuck! Really hard to keep that bathroom door closed with bigger kids around.
I really enjoy reading your blog - you have a gift for writing about the little things in life and reminding me that the little things (and the little people) are the most important!

maia said...

last comment is actually from me - "Maia's mom" Michelle Mozingo