Thursday, January 31, 2008

and now i've been you-tubed

For all the fans -  Here is the link to our nanoseconds of fame, as Molly so eloquently put it.  I found it by searching for the contestant who auditioned right after our big scene.  We're almost the first thing on the clip, so you can't miss it.  I'm on the left with the long beige shirt.  Charity is the one with all the glee, and my mom is behind her.  Ryan, Charity's husband, is the guy.  

And just to prove that I'm moving past the American Idol thing on this blog, very soon anyway, get this.  This is the actual fortune I pulled out of a fortune cookie yesterday:

It's a good time for serenity - a good book and a good friend.

Fortune cookies love me.  

1 comment:

Tracy said...

How exciting! I actually feel more important just for KNOWING WHO PEOPLE ARE who have been on TV!