Wednesday, September 12, 2007

the Dharma initiative

I read here that we should all adopt the idea of blogging without obligation because once we feel it's obligatory we won't do it anymore. Isn't that just the way of us? I started a blog to find my voice. Which technically I can do with or without readers, but the "disciplining of my craft" I think will be better accomplished by some consistency. And then, I like readers. And I don't think you'll stick around if I don't update rather often. So I probably won't miss more than a day or two between posts. That said, I kept the last one up longer than usual because I liked it so much and because Matt called it a "delightful little piece", and that made me smile right down to my toes.

Now - today's is all punchline. One of my favorite lines in television history - and easily one of the most quotable in every day conversation - is from Dharma & Greg. She was trying to become friends with her mother-in law who was off to play tennis, and Dharma said, "Oh I love tennis! Well, not really to play . . . or to watch. I'm just really glad it's out there!" I quite agree - I like it in the background; it has nice noises. And here are some other things that fit so nicely into the Dharma category of my life:

I love dogs! Well not really to play with . . . or to touch. I'm just really glad they're out there.

I love New York City. I guess I'll never live in it, and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever visit. But I'm really glad it's out there.

Paris, London, George Clooney's villa in Italy, and the little country roads in England where sheep cross.. . . See above.

I love paychecks. Not really to think about . . . or to pursue. I'm just really glad they're out there.

Rock music. Not really to play . . . or to listen to. I'm just really Glad It's Out There.

Soccer, Alaska, Jeopardy, seafood, coffee, the evening news, fly fishing, and people who actually like to cook - - - G I O T.


Lori said...

I love listening to baseball on the radio. Something about how the roar of the crowd sounds is soothing & reminds me of the sound ocean waves make. I don't actually like to watch baseball, mind you!

Anonymous said...

Ee-zackly what I'm saying. I hope more people will write in their Dharma things.

Anonymous said...

I like to cook.....
thats all I have at this point

AmyB. said...

I'm with Lori, I love the sound of baseball games on the radio. I'm not at all into watching them though. I think I like it because it is something my dad liked to listen to and I associate it with him.

remrafmj said...

kazoos, paddle-balls, yo-yo's! Great post - thanks for the laugh!