Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the best things happen while you dance

I want to hate reality t.v. Jimmy Kimmel said it all when he said that there are more people on reality t.v. now then there are people actually living in reality. But first of all, I don't hate it even when I expect to. And second of all, Dancing with the Stars hardly counts - what with the celebrities and all. I love this show. Each season I think - eh, I don't think they can make me care again. But then they win me over every time. I love that ballroom dancing is getting its day. I mean, you have to admit, it hasn't exactly been high on the cool factor in anyone's mind before now. And, really, with the tight pants and the way overuse of the words "hip action", I still wouldn't exactly call it cool. That's not why I watch it - or at least, that's not what wins me over.

No, it's the sheer delight. It's forgetting there is anything bad or ugly in the world at all because for those three minutes (might be more like a minute-thirty, because let's face it, they're new at this, and some of them are old) - but anyway, while they dance, they sweep me right up with them into another world. It's a Fred Astaire musical, it's all the best Disney moments rolled into one - it's the color part in the Wizard of Oz. I seriously welled a little bit more than once already this season. It really is beautiful, I think. So much to worry over and stress about in this life. So much to take too seriously - like ourselves. But then somebody gets on a dance floor in a beautiful dress, smiles like it doesn't hurt, and for the length of one whole song, tells us otherwise. Life is beautiful.

I don't pretend to be difficult to convince. But still. I dare you to watch it without smiling at least once (and not just because the pants are too tight). And if you really give in to their efforts to woo you, I swear you'll get off the couch when it's over and forget for a moment that you aren't one of them. I rolled my eyes at their audacity to have it on three night this week. But from the very first opening number, I could see how hard they were going to try and convince me they could dance my troubles away. And after night two, they've totally won. I believe them.

Just try it - just this once, Take a deep breath and say it. "I. Like. To. Move it." Don't you feel better now?


Lori said...

I've never watched it, as we don't get ABC, but it sounds like it would be fun. I'm a sucker for a good dance move! I love that Jimmy Kimmel quote. I keep thinking everyone will finally have had enough of "reality" shows, but alas, not so far. And, as a writer, I despair for all that unemployed writing talent sitting around Hollywood with nothing to do.

Felicity said...

I'm going to have to watch one of these on ABC.com. This morning while I was in the shower the girls discovered the tights and leotards Dan had packed up for dance class today. By the time I was out of the shower they had completely changed into dance attire and were sash-ay-ing around the living room! All before breakfast. If only we could get that kind of freedom....just to change into our dance clothes and have some fun even if it makes us a little late to school! :)

Anonymous said...

Felic, that is so cute! That's exactly what the show does for me, gives me a happy-break even when I don't have time for it. And, Lori, I KNOW! That's exactly why I despair over reality t.v. The wasted writing talent out there! Professional actors probably feel the same way too. I feel convinced though that although we all like a little (edited) nonfiction now and then - we still want good stories. So I'm just sure there's room for both.

Dennis said...

Not really about dancing, I know, but I thought I should wish you a happy October, the most Thursdaysly of months, I think.