Thursday, September 6, 2007

Another movie review from my cabinet at home

I love this movie. I love the actors. I love the empty checkbooks - children hungry every moment of the day - Hi-C splashing on the shirt reality of the thing, I love the rainy day in New York. I espcially love the concept. I totally believe in that whole "what a difference a day makes." I stayed home from work one day (back when I left home to go to work) and I watched this movie probably three times in a row. Another reason I love it is because it was completely dismissed in some article I read once as one of those movies these two actors made but probably wish they hadn't. Usually when the critics say a movie is too much fluff - I'm there.

One Fine Day is like Pride and Prejudice condensed into one 14-hour period in New York. They are put out with each other from the first moment, "If you'll excuse me, I have a day." But they are attracted to each other of COURSE. And then they need each other and then they tease each other and then they thank each other and then he forgets about the fish and she spills the spaghetti sauce (and jumps back so adorably in her little lounge outfit - I attempt to imitate this scene almost weekly), and in the end the Wizard of Oz song plays in the background.

And, seriously, it's worth it just for the bag. We love the bag, my Mom and sisters and I. Whenever I manage to have exactly what my child needs for any given moment, I call it a Michelle Pfeiffer moment. I mean, she creates superhero costumes out of the items in her purse! And when George Clooney says, "Where do you get a bag like that?" I mean - it's just brilliant movie direction. I don't actually ever have those moments. I don't really even try to. I'm lucky to have diapers in tow. But I still so love that bag.

This movie is exactly what the title implies. I can't technically relate to any given part of it - I don't work in a skyscraper in New York, I'm not a single mom, I've never met George Clooney, and I do NOT have the bag. But it still inspires me to expect serendipity, which is both the word that means "a happy accident" and the lovely little ice cream place-slash-novelty shop featured in the movie.

If none of that moves you then surely, surely, you can appreciate the part where she thinks he has forgotten her name (which is Melanie), and he turns around, walks back to her, leans in , and says "I know your name, Mel." Which I think is the most beautiful little moment describing what it feels like when someone chooses you.

Who wouldn't love this movie? If you don't love it, I think it's because of your Captain Hook complex. No such thing? Yes there is. And you have it.

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Anonymous said...

I did not think anyone else loved that movie as much as I did!! And in the very end they simply fall asleep on the couch, in the most uncomfortable, but sweet sleeping position. I actually have that movies song downloaded on my IPod. "One Fine Day" by Natalie Merchant. Great, great song!