Friday, February 20, 2009

most exciting thing that ever exited a furniture truck outside my door

Important update to to the category of what I'm looking forward to most:  He's going to SING AND DANCE.  Hugh Jackman, I mean.  (pictured here by edison0618 on Flickr).  I heard it from his own mouth.  (Although not technically in person of course).  I stand firmly in the camp that believes almost any program - or, you know, moment in LIFE - is improved by a song and dance number.  I'd rather watch a really cheesy Nick-and-Jessica type variety show than song-less, monotonous reality t.v. any day.  So I have officially put this as number one - okay, maybe second to the montages - on my list. The Oscars are going to rock this year; I can feel it.

In other what-I-watched-while-recuperating-from-a-cold news, I saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sequel the other day.  There was a great moment where America Ferrera's character talked about the delicious language used in the play she was rehearsing for.  She complained at how lazy we are now - how much prettier phrases were then and how much richer it felt to speak that way.  "Why don't people talk like that anymore?" she wailed.  I loved that part.  I love the idea that if we would just stop and savor the little things in life a little more, our lives would be so much richer.  We tend to live through life rather than in it sometimes. And I love it when a book or a movie suggests that we stop and take it in a bit. The  National Treasure movies have some great lines like that too, which brings me to my little Hollywood gem for the day.

Do you ever find yourself vaguely remembering a movie line?  You know it moved you, but you can't quite remember what it was.  Let me introduce you to (as if you didn't already know) a little thing called IMDB - the Internet Movie Database.  You know you can find out who was in what film there, but you can also find a wealth of great movie quotes.  The page is called "Memorable Quotes" for each movie, so I usually get there by typing that phrase and the movie title into a search engine.  You'll be spouting poetic in no time.  

In honor of living life richly, allow me to cyber-celebrate a little gift I received yesterday from The Man himself:  This dark wooden rectangle of wonderful, our new table.

We have never in our married life bought ourselves a table.  Hand-me-downs work just as well for eating on.  Only I so don't believe that now.  This glorious piece of furniture has officially become the centerpiece for my lucky life.  I touch it every time I walk by.  We christened it last night with company and everything - company I would have the previous night seated in the living room with a t.v. tray rather than sit at our chipped wooden table with the hard, flat decades-old benches.

I'm working on the song and dance routine as we speak.


Andrea said...

B-E-A-UTIFUL!! and natural wood (Rog would be so proud of you :)
Keep the news coming. I also think Hugh Jackman is great, and would love to watch him sing and dance. He might actually be one of those rare actors, that can act, sing, dance, and perform all three at once.
I remember when Chicago came out everyone marveled at Catherine ZetaJones performance that she was not only beautiful, but could act, sing, and dance, ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I also remember when Tom Seleck won the Peoples Choice Awards YEARS------ ago. In his acceptance speech he referred to the fact that he was so humbled and honored by it, as he couldn't sing, he couldn't dance, and (at that time) he hadn't even made a movie.
Roger and I talked about Gene Kelly, Fred Astair, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Cyd Charrise, Leslie Carone, Jane Powell, and the list goes on and on, and how they sang, danced, acted, and were good looking. So yeah, like you, I'm soooooo ready for a good song and dance man.

Kelly H-Y said...

Your new table and chairs are GORGEOUS!!!! Oh my ... lovely, just lovely!!!

Tracy said...

There's nothing quite like the feeling I get when I get to put something new in my home!!! If you're anything like me, you'll start storing up every precious memory that takes place at that table!

Sarah said...

It was awesome to see you tonight!!! The table is A-MAZING. Everytime I have come to the house, I longed for a new table FOR YOU! Your patience and stewardship have paid off. Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Seren I LOVE the new table, what a classic piece for that totally classic room, it pulls everything together beautifully!