Thursday, February 5, 2009

it's February fifth - this is only the beginning

"Well," John Michael said yesterday, "My career as student of the month ends today."  I've never known January to fly before now, but it seems like he was accepting that bright orange cup and handful of restaurant certificates just yesterday.  I guess I need to update my pictures in the side bar.  You should probably expect lots of mush this month.  Not mush as in nothing-much but mush as in, if you think I talk about Christmas magic a lot until the end of the December, just wait 'til I unleash my V-Day love on you.  

My first date with Michael was on Valentine's Day, so February 14 makes me all giddy inside and February in general makes me pretty nostalgic, and 1996 was the best year EVER.  I have all boys, so we don't make our valentines from red construction paper and white doilies like we used to with my Mom when we were little.  Unfortunately, they usually have light sabers or Spongebob or something.  Of course, there was the year John picked the God ones.  Proud mama moments were gushing all over the place the night he filled those out with commentary about the friend whose dad doesn't like him, "So I think I'll give that friend the one about how God is love."  That's very nice, John, and if you'll excuse me I have to go write in your journal how completely awesome you are.

I keep journals for all the boys.  John's is full of super emotional mama trauma while I navigate not-getting-a-puppy-for-Christmas and starting him in public school and apologizing profusely when we added another sibling as if perhaps he wasn't enough all by himself.  Drew's is the future script for a stand-up comedian.  Jake's is one giant love letter as well as a new round of trauma as I try to figure out how to raise the baby of the family without making him one and how to celebrate the heck out of the miracle that is his existence while letting him be his own person.

I started John's journal before he was born.  I bought it while out of town with my family.  My brother told me it was awesome, "I mean, he won't appreciate it until he's, like, 35, but still - very cool."  Now that I have three boys, I'm actually wondering if they'll ever appreciate them.  Do they really want to read about the first time they said "I love you"?  The way I felt about their kindergarten teacher? The little hand motion he made as a baby that looked like he was revving a motorcycle?  I'm not sure.  Their journals might just be for me.  A way to freeze time a little.  Which, if I do right by them, isn't something they're going to want to do with their childhood.  

Except maybe Drew.  He's so going to want to remember the time I was stressing in the grocery store about all the things I had yet to do that night, and he waved the spaghetti noodles at me and said with ultimate sensitivity, "And you gotta fix me some supper, because I'm hungry." 


Ace said...

Great idea! I always imagine my kids having to rummage through my different journals to find stuff about themselves, but i have never thought of keeping one for each. It makes SO much sense! Even though yours are all boys I am sure they will appreciate it someday. If not them, then at least their wives.

Anonymous said...

Don't you worry your pretty little head about it. One day those journals will be treasures in your boys' eyes.


Felicity said...

Oh, how I love these boys! I wish I was that dedicated with individual journals; its such a good use of your talent. I've read a couple of articles lately about writing family memoirs, not for publication but just for our own family.

Anonymous said...

I really wish I would have started a journal when D was born. I do have some home video footage, pictures obviously, his dads memory combined with mine (lacking lol because we're getting OLD), so I could still probably write things. Its such a great idea, and I KNOW the Bohon boys will love that you took the time to do it!
I'm with Felic, I so heart the Bohon babes :)

serenity said...

Thank you, Jane, I hope that's true. And back atcha on the completely lovable children Tiff and Lic.

Ace, I picture the journal rummaging as well. I tuck big poetic thoughts in there about how much I love them (and Michael), hoping they'll find it one day if they need to. I figure they'll believe it even more in my own journal as if I never realized they would peek. :)

Kelly H-Y said...

I have a feeling they will LOVE the journals and very much appreciate them! :-)

Paul Nickerson said...

I have a friend who bought two wide margin Bibles when his two children were born. He makes notes in the margins just for them as he reads the Word. The last time we met for breakfast he had Olivia's Bible with him and I noticed that the page he was reading had about a third of the margin covered. He wants his kids to know that he loves God and he loves them too. He figures that when they try to figure out why he wrote what he wrote they will each either find their way to God or be drawn closer, if they already know him. It will be their high school graduation gift from Dad.

Adam Gonnerman said...

My son got student of the month this month. He's 6 and came home grinning from ear to ear, I'm told (I was at work).

I don't think I'd be able to keep up with all the writing if I kept journals for my kids. Glad you can do it. They'll appreciate it someday.

serenity said...

Paul - that's such a beautiful idea about the bible and making it a graduation gift - awesome.

Adam, how weird is that? Our kids getting student of the month close together like that. Congratulations to him! Makes you proud, doesn't it?

Kelly H-Y said...

Serenity - I'd forgotten to mention when I posted earlier, that we found out a couple weeks ago that Braden had gotten 'Student of the Month' for the first grade class for 'Enthusiasm'. When I was reading your post, I thought, "Wow, what a coincidence!"
What's funny is that when he received his award, he had to stand up in front of everyone(and the teacher says a few words) ... you should have seen his face ... no smile, no movement ... you could tell he would prefer to sit back down! We were quietly chuckling that you couldn't quite see the 'enthusiasm' at that very moment ... but, it was just because he was a bit scared.

serenity said...

That's funny, Kelly. Isn't that always the way? Kids are so unpredictable.