Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not just another Friday Night

So, the Wii totally inspired us.  There couldn't be that much difference between a small, rectangular remote and a 10-pound ball, right?  Surely we'd learned to throw straighter, aim better, grab a spare like kids find trouble when you're busy (every time).  The Wii is good for something right?  Yes.  It's good for completely disorienting you into thinking you're some sort of athlete when you're actually no better than someone surfing channels with a finicky remote that you have to point in several directions to get to work and maybe punch the buttons more than once while standing (occasionally).  It doesn't really prepare you for these big, slick lanes, the aforementioned ball, and these strange blue valleys all along the sides of the lane that literally pull your ball towards them like a magnet.  I'm not even kidding.  I was pretty bad.  Although I kind of lost my Wii bowling magic as well, so maybe the game's just against me.

Despite all that, though, I had the best night.  Jake is three.  THREE.  It's the third anniversary of hands down the happiest relief of my life.  We made it.  Jake Kenneth Bohon, born eight months after the worst doctor's visit of my life, 26 weeks after undergoing general anesthesia during my surgery, about four hours after Michael promised I will never do this to you again (a promise I did not extort), and 1 tiny second before I knew I had just met one of the very coolest humans on the planet.  You're so worth the gutter balls, Jake.  Every single one.


Anonymous said...

That is so funny! We did the exact same thing while in Indiana. The boys were bragging about being great at bowling. Boy, were they surprised. Like you said, it was a lot of fun just doing something different. I still love our Wii.
We have also been exploring the Wii Fit. It is a lot of fun, too. You get your own personal trainer (sort-of)to inspire you to exercise. How cool is that!
Jake is a great reminder of how good life really is! Happy Birthday, Jake!
Lori G.

Kelly H-Y said...

Happy 3rd, Jake! And, Serenity ... what a cool tribute to your beautiful, youngest son! Oh my ... what you must have gone through during those months ... so scary. So glad that all is well now and everyone is healthy! Blessings to you!

serenity said...

Thank you, Girls!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that little light of your life is THREE!! (or tree as he says)
Happy Birthday to Jake, I could just squeeze him!

Anonymous said...

I remember saying when we found out about your cancer diagnosis that "I know someday we will look back and be so thankful (and relieved) that everything turned out okay." I remember wanting so bad for you and Michael to be able to skip over the long minutes, hours, days, and months of the unknown and uncertainty to that day when we would know everything was okay.
I realized that day has come as I watched Jake dance after each ball was rolled regardless of how many pins were hit and the peaceful sound of your voice as you sang Happy Birthday to him. Things are as they should be, a mother celebrating a birthday with her baby (now a Big Boy)- and we are so blessed to celebrate with you!
Also, I think we all had a blast even though I found something I am even worse at than Wii bowling!
Happy B-Day Jake!
Aunt Mary and family :)

serenity said...

Mary! I can't remember the last time I cried happy tears on a Monday morning. :)

Brett Barton said...

Serenity, good to see you on Sunday at church. What a blast from the past! We just got the family a Wii for Christmas this year so I can definitely relate to the idea of bowling for real since I've thought it might be fun to take my older kids to the lanes to see how they would fare. Did you guys end up skipping out early (at church) or did you just move somewhere other than the front row?

serenity said...

Hey Brett! We skipped out. I'm going to try and send you a message through Elly's facebook. It was so nice of you to come over and say hi. And it really was nice to be back. I have the best memories from your church.