Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Show Me That Smile Again

Um, Felic? Kirk Cameron wrote a BOOK. Yay! Remember when you told me I couldn't share him with you? He was your crush and thereby could not be mine as well. You helped me find someone for myself in one of those teen magazines. (And I still love you, C.D. Barnes. I thought you were great as the voice of Prince Erik in The Little Mermaid).

I discovered Cameron's book because I you-tubed him tonight (that's a verb now, right?) looking for a certain clip from Growing Pains. I thought of it when we were watching The Truman Show again tonight. See my profound adoration for The Truman Show here. And I had this thought, "I wonder how the idea for this movie began?" It could just be way ahead of its time. I mean, maybe the creator of it thought, someday . . . Reality T.V. How did they know? But then I wondered if it was this: What would happen, they may have thought, if a person reached the age in which you discover the world does not revolve around you, only to discover that the world DOES REVOLVE AROUND YOU? I also think this would be a fun game - watch a movie and try and decide what brilliant what if was asked that eventually led to the movie. But anyway -

This brilliant train of thought - if you're even remotely still with me -reminded me of Mike on Growing Pains. Remember, Felic? When he stayed home sick from school, and Gilligan's Island was on, and he was totally and completely thrown. "Gilligan's Island is on television while I'm at school?!" And, thus, the realization that the world did not actually revolve around him. Something about that episode just rang true in my teenage mind.

There is a great recent video of Cameron on You Tube about his new book. You gotta admit, he's a pleasant guy. And I love stories like this in which a person just says - "God, if you're real, then make me know it." And then He does.

Incidentally, Michael, I love you way more than C.D. Barnes. Although I do know that his full name is Christopher Daniel, and I can still sing the theme song to Day By Day.


Felicity said...

Kirk, if I had only lived a few zip codes closer...

I have to wonder, do you think all my teen angst prayers for his soul actually worked? I mean, I knew I wasn't going to marry a non-Christian, so I really NEEDED Kirk Cameron to get saved. And he did. Do you think I can take any responsibility for that?

(Dan, I love you.)

serenity said...

ummm, YES. I had the very same thought, "Dude, it's all those teenage girls who prayed for you on their pillows at night." Lucky Chelsea.

Amyb. said...

I love your header!

serenity said...

Thank you, Amy!

SolShine7 said...

The title of this post just made me smile. That and the picture. I had a flashback to my youth when I used to gather around the TV and watch Growing Pains with my family while crushing on a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh, those were the good days. ;)