Monday, November 26, 2007

i'll take another Zales commercial, please

It's that time again. The time of year when even the nicest, most generous people find themselves letting in the scrooge. It happened to my husband just yesterday: "It's too early for Christmas music." I hear that every year - not just from him of course. It's too early for the music, the tree, the red and green that sometimes appears vomited into the shopping aisles. I know already. It's too commercialized.

I've let in the scrooge myself before. Sometimes it's hard to find meaning in my teeny tiny checkbook balance and big fat shopping list. And that feeling isn't helped along by thinking about it all sooner. But this time, I'm fighting it. "It's Jingle Bells, Michael. It's not a Christmas song, it's a winter song." And besides that . . .

I love Christmas music. I just imagine how much we needed Him then. The world was horrible and sad, and religion wasn't saving us. The best Christmas songs make me think about that. They make me think about the sadness all over our world today and the fact that religion still isn't saving us. Then they make me crazy with happiness that He came. And it's just never too soon to think about that. You may judge me for already having the Christmas music out. But I gotta say, I kind of judge you for dissing it. Just relax and soak it in. It disappears suddenly and completely and without apology on December 26, so we may as well enjoy it now.

I got all four boys to pose for Christmas card pictures tonight. They posed until I was happy . . . and then two goofy times after that for the blooper shots. Michael still won't be putting the music on quite this soon and the little ones don't really understand either that horrible, achy feeling of need nor the wonderful feeling of having it met. But for me, it's time, People. Christmas is on.


Polly Sturm said...

I fight the need to bring out the Christmas music by October 1st--as you stated, by December 26th it disappears, so I want to enjoy it thoroughly before then! I do manage, most years, to wait until the week prior to Halloween. Trans Siberian Orchestra is probably my fave (all that strong instrumental, the beat that moves me!), and always the first one we listen to. My kids dance around the living room, and I might do a little jig when no one is looking :). So, I must agree with you--BRING IT ON!

Matt said...

In my family growing up we never even got a Christmas tree until the week of Christmas--sometimes even Christmas Eve! Must be an east coast thing.

Now, my family does start Christmas earlier. Actually, I like celebrating Advent rather than just Christmas, because it gives pacing and meaning to the holiday season. We've done Advent calendars, but last year (and this year) we switched to an Advent wreath. It gives us four weeks to meditate on Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace as we step closer and closer to the celebration of Christ himself.

Anonymous said...

I literally laughed out LOUD when I saw this pic Seren....totally cracks me up, you Bohons. You know, even with the goofy faces, and craziness, the love of your family is shining through, clearly.
Now let me see the NON bloopers, I don't know HOW you're going to top last years, it looked like a magazine cover!
Love and tinsel,