Monday, December 8, 2008

if you think it's too early for Christmas, you better turn your head

We slayed a tree this weekend, shook its loose needles with a rumbling tractor, pulled it through some netting, and strapped it to the back of our truck.  

As we drove there, I was thinking about traditions and the fact that I've never really thought we had many.  There are lots of things we usually do but not many that we always do.  I think I was over-defining the term.  Because even though we will probably move to artificial at some point in the future, and even though last year we  waited too long and had to retrieve an already-slain tree from the ditch (i.e., the grocery store), Fouch's Christmas Tree Farm is definitely a family tradition.

 In my later high school years, Mom always had a beautiful department-store kind of tree, everything matching.  She put all our old homemade ornaments elsewhere and made the house look like Better Homes and Gardens.  Felic and I loved those trees.  We didn't have much love lost over the popsicle sticks from our elementary days.

Of course I intended to have a tree like that when I had my own home too.  So, what was I to do with all the Hallmark cartoon-like figurines that Michael brought to the party from his childhood?  I'm ashamed to say I put those ornaments on kind of reluctantly the first year. Then I tied wraphia bows around the edges and red balls to tie it all together, and it was absolutely gorgeous.  I remember feeling a little smug towards all those Caution Signs that marriage demands compromise.  If this is compromise, I thought, I'm going to be happy for EVER.

Now I love the unveiling of our Hallmark ornaments every year.  The kids get a new one each year from Grandma Bohon, and it's my favorite part of the tree.  I took some pictures and plan to put a new one up every day or so on the blog.  I know you won't really care, but I'm loving my tree - this year with a blue and silver theme - so much that I felt the blog needed some holiday spirit as well.

The first one up today?  Two little chipmunks in an acorn swing.  It says "Our First Christmas Together".  Can't you just see the happy compromise?


Felicity said...

So cute! That little sidebar ornament thing is a great idea.

Our tradition comes from Dan's family with a trip to Santa's Woods every year at Thanksgiving to cut down their tree. The kids have a blast and this year the farm had added a small bonfire that I loved!

Anonymous said...

This, as you know, is my first Christmas as a married lady, and since Ricio didn't bring any ornaments with him from Colombia when he came ;) our tree is decorated quite uniformly with red balls, mirror ornaments that I made, and pretty silver ribbon. We have one ornament that sticks out though, and it is the crystal looking one that says "Our first Christmas together" and would you believe who gave it to us?! Your very own "grandma Bohon". And we sure do love her for it. Let me just say that her ornament giving legacy is one that is much cherished in our home.

We love the Bohons!! All of them!

-Heather Toro

Kathy said...

And I'm loving this chance to participate in your tree-decking through cyber-space. Keep 'em coming.

SK said...

Check this out. You can create angels and elf's figurines out of your kids at

andrea t said...

I too finally gave up on the coordinated theme tree soon after the kids came along. Den also brought cartoon ornaments into our marriage which I was able to work around when it was just his. Now the kids get ornaments from both grandparents and us each year. That quickly adds up. And for some reason Dora and Dom think colored lights are way better than the white ones I prefer. I laugh now at how uptight I can start feeling when we pull out the Christmas decoration boxes. It's for them anyway, right?

Cheri' said...

I love that you're sharing your Christmas tree and ornaments with us!

I love traditions and am so glad we started some of them when our children were little and are now enjoying doing them with our grandchildren too.

Our tree decorations were made by my mom for each of our children. She wrote their names on each one, along with the year they were made. My mom went to be with Jesus a year ago August, so these hand-made ornaments make me rather nostalgic -- yet thankful she took the time every year to make them.