Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thy word is a . . . really cool safari

Okay, this blog post is pretty much a personal email to my mother. (Hi, Mom!) Because it's my blog, and I can do that. And today's post is kind of - well - me bragging about me and my kids. Which you just don't do in public. It's tacky. So pretend you're just accidentally listening in, and carry on.

You know who I love? This guy: Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg. You know why? Because all day today Drew has been begging me, begging me, to get off work so I could teach him more bible lessons. (From his own personal bible, originally made possible by zur Laden zum up there, if you follow). As it was, I had to stick little tiny ones into my work day because he was standing at my desk with his new bible open just tempting me with that new book smell and the crisp, thin pages (that was one of the lessons - bible pages are thin, turn carefully. Even as we speak, he is standing right over my shoulder saying, "One more lesson for the day? Please?"

We got the new bibles at Hastings today. (I love you too, Hastings. You and Johannes.) And I love them. The version is NIrV, which I highly recommend for kids. It's safari-themed gold. Today we learned how to find chapter and verse, we reviewed the first book of the bible and learned how to figure out who wrote each one (a feature of their bible). We started to learn the song that helps you remember the New Testament books, but it wasn't as brilliant as I remembered it. I learned that thing in fourth grade and still use it in my head when I'm supposed to turn to one of the Timothys or something. And yet, it's shockingly unhelpful. It's not like it rhymes. But anyway, we're up to Two Corinthians on that baby, and we'll get the rest eventually.

I taught the boys about Proverbs too (I know, I was all over the place, but seriously, begging they were.) About how it has 31 chapters and a lot of people like to read one chapter each day of every month.

"For instance," I said to Drew. "Today you would read Proverbs. . .?"

He thought hard before he came up with this doozy:


That's right. Proverbs chapter Wednesday. He's learning so much!


Den said...

I still remember the NT song I learned. Never having learned an OT song, I get hung up somewhere near the prophets.

I also remember a Bible I had as a kid. It was a Christmas present, a Precious Moments Bible. Ironically, one of my favorite stories to read from it was the story of Sampson. Because he was tough, with the muscles and all.

I also remember the Proverbs a day routine. It seemed pretty cool, and I did alright most of the time but Saturdays could be a little tough, what with cartoons and all.

Do the boys now Judges 13 is where the sweet Sampson action starts?

serenity said...

Hey, my kid bible was Precious Moments too! The Adventure Bible of the early 80s I guess. And, um, Precious Moments? No wonder you liked the Sampson stuff!! Judges 13 . . . duly noted. John and Drew will thank you.

Also, on a long drive recently (well, I wasn't driving), I made a list to see if I could still write the OT books in order. You won't believe it - I was missing six. How was that possible? I had Jonah, Michah, Nahum, Obadiah, the two big H's and Z's at the end, All of them! So when I got home, I looked it up. Turns out I forgot the Samuels, Kings, and Chronicles! You probably don't watch Friends, but it reminded me of an episode where they all tried to name the states and Monica forgot several of them. When I saw the books I had missed, I quoted her: "Nobody cares about the Dakotas!!"

Anonymous said...

I remember Mrs.Morgentstern at First Baptist Church in the ville teaching Melissa and I, and others of course, the NT song, well, ONE of the NT songs, just basically putting the books to a melody. We got a silver dollar if we could sing the whole thing, without missing a book. Matthewwww Markkk Luke and John! It's weird how effective it is, I can still sing it.

Matt Bowman said...

Wow--I feel so deprived. I just had to memorize them with no handy song to help. Sigh.

Kathy said...

I'm slow to comment on the blog written especially to me, but I'm thrilled about the subject matter. Lots of days I feel just like Drew. "Show me one more cool thing, Lord." And He always does.