Sunday, December 23, 2007

How to find the magic 101

One of the "Santa" gifts for John Michael came by UPS just in time.

As I picked up a package of Pampers on Friday - and as we all know, the cost of diapers is one of the leading motivating factors for potty-training these days - a complete stranger handed me a dollar-fifty-off coupon for them.

I made a gift for someone that turned out just as I wanted it to.

It's a Wonderful Life. Every year.

There is snow here! Just enough to embody the song, not enough to be dangerous.

Two words. School. Vacation.

The feeling I get when Jake feeds a coin into the Salvation Army bucket.

Popsicle-stick ornaments.

Christmas movies on television every night, at least one card in the mail every day, neighbors bringing cookies and fudge, and every check-out person in every store or restaurant who dares to say Merry Christmas.

Michael W. Smith christmas CD - any of the three. (This guy gets Christmas like nobody's business.)

One husband, three sons, one drafty but loveable sort of house - magic, magic, magic.

I love this time of year.


Anonymous said...

I love the way you find the magic Seren......

Tom said...

Nice. Prose that reads like poetry. Merry Christmas from the Mayers.

Anonymous said...

You should take some credit for that prose, Tom.

Merry Chritmas from Wendell and Kathy

Anonymous said...

Hi Seren... just catching up on reading your journal entries, because I need some encouragement!!! They always make me smile!
I love Michael W Smiths Christmas albums too... they are very poignant and meaningful, and make you feel many emotions.
Hope you had a lovely Christmas... we have family visiting here still til Sunday, but after that I'll write you a proper email. Love Bec