Saturday, August 4, 2007

It's in the stars, or the planets or something

Yesterday my fortune cookie (wow, I eat out a lot) said, "Your hidden creative talents are about to be revealed." And it really was my fortune cookie. I didn't wait until mine and the boys' were all open and then pick the happiest one. Of course, this means it's completely true.

Fortune cookies like me though. I once had a Chinese dish at Country Kitchen and a fortune cookie came with it. That Sunday the preacher had talked about how much we should want Jesus to return, and I had just been talking about it with Dad - how I knew I should feel that way, but I really wanted to get married first and do big things, and I don't know - whatever arrogant dreams I was so sure of at the time. Right after this, I opened the cookie. It was EMPTY. No fortune at all. Apparently they have a sense of humor too . . .

Yesterday was my birthday. Now I'm not just 30, I'm 30-something. My mother told me she prayed for me that morning and thought about how many of my dreams have come true. All day I felt full of that same emotion. My boys made me smile all day and laugh even more than usual - I kept feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of good-looking that I'm surrounded with all day, I mean these boys are seriously cute. And my husband and I love each other with all the intensity of a ten-year marriage yet still like each other as much as we did in 5th grade. I get so antsy about my job and my wish to be a writer (a la the post a couple days ago), and then I get so put out with myself for it - because all the important things are already intact. So yesterday the realization of those things far outweighed thoughts of the unfinished ones. Hopefully it will last at least as long as the birthday cake.

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